What is and How the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Works?

In the present days, more and more innovations in the field of communication are being introduced worldwide. Different kinds of smartphones are being brought to the market and they actually make phone-savvy buyers become more excited because of the different characteristics these devices exude. Different companies are proud of their innovations and one of them is the ever-popular Apple Company which introduces the iPhone series. In fact, it has its new offering to its numerous customers worldwide and this is known as the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner.

The iPhone 5S Security Feature

On September 10, 2013, Phil Schiller, the Senior VP for Apple’s Worldwide Marketing has spoken about the security features of the all new iPhone 5S. This announcement was made in the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. Apple has actually launched its two latest iPhone models which are known as the 5S and 5C respectively.

Both devices are known to run through 1OS 7. Apple’s 5C model is made of hard-coated and stylish polycarbonate that comes in 5 different colors. On the other hand, the 5S has caught the attention of many iPhone enthusiasts because of its security features, thus the name iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner. It also features an upgraded type of camera and also comes with an A7-type chip.

According to the company, the fingerprint scanner is called Touch ID. This feature according to Apple makes it quicker and faster for everyone to unlock their device and do shopping and purchases using it.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner – How Does it Work?

The fingerprint technology rendered by the iPhone 5S is incorporated into the device’s home button. It comes with a Touch ID technology which uses sapphire crystal that has been laser cut. It also features a touch sensor that allows a user to take and capture a high resolution image of his fingerprint. The phone has the capability to analyze a fingerprint and it is capable of telling whether or not the person is the true owner of the iPhone.

how iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner works

The iPhone’s Fingerprint Scanner is also designed to provide you with accurate readings no matter what angle you may be. This also gives you the opportunity to unlock your iPhone the automatic way. According to Apple, the more the

iPhone 5S is used, the more functional it becomes especially when it comes to recognizing and analyzing your fingerprint.

Does it Affect the Battery Life of iPhone 5S? The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner does not in any way affect the iPhone’s juice. The fingerprint scanner feature is only activated whenever you need it, thus preserving the phone’s battery life.

How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner for iPhone 5S

1. Click Setting menu

2. Click passcode and fingerprint

3. lift and rest your finger on the Home button repeatedly

4. Wait a minute and your unique print will be recorded

How to Use Fingerprint Scanner for iPhone 5s?

1. Click Home button

2. Hold Finger (Thumb) over scanner

3. Done

Available iPhone 5S Colors

Apple is done with black and white colors for their iPhones. This time, it offers the all new iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner in Space Grey and Gold Silver colors.

Is the 5S Completely Secure?

Yes, it is. All the information regarding your fingerprint is encrypted and then stored in the iPhone’s A7 chip. It will not in any way be given to iCloud or Apple servers, making your iPhone 5S tapping-proof.

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