What Exactly is iPhone Passbook App in iOS 6 and How to Use it?

What is Passbook? Passbook is new iPhone app folder for iOS 6 and will be able to keep personal boarding passes, digital tickets and coupons in one simple to use app.  Everything will be on tap where you can get to it very easily. During the keynote speech of Apple’s WWDC, the public saw how Passbook could assess a lot of different apps. How finished it will be will depend on whether or not the developers will use it for other apps.  But it will not be launched until the next couple of months.

For example, take a look at the current Starbucks app.  It has a specific area where you can pay for your coffee and see how much money you have left.  If you could access your other store cards in this manner, you would not have to keep switching between screens and wasting your time.

In addition, Passbook integrates with the lock screen so if you go by a movie house, your phone will alert you if there is a ticket or reward associated with that movie house.  There is also a shredder that you can use once your vouchers are all gone.

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If you are thinking about air travel, Passbook can also provide added info like the gate number, your assigned seat and flight departure.

But then again, all of this relies on the 3rd party app developers.  It has to be clear that what they provide actually works with Passbook. So, this means that not all of the airlines will work with this app in the very beginning.  The iPhone app for British Airways already lets you check in via your phone.  This is a good  indicator that Passbook will be a part of this action real soon.

If a lot of third parties use Passbook, this will be very positive for everyone since most events and shopping info will be at your fingertips.

What do you think about the new Passbook?  Do you think that it is a great add on for the iOS 6?

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