Top iPhone 5 / iPad Mini Cyber Monday and Christmas Holiday Deals You Should not Miss

iPhone 5 accessories are the hottest and most seek after products during this holiday season as people are buying Apple’s new iPhone 5, iPad-mini and iPad 4th generation for Christmas gifts giving. Many stores and suppliers are competing for the shoppers dollar bills by slashing prices to lure customers. Some retailers are cutting prices by as much as 50%.

Prices are being cut for iPhone 5 accessories and other Apple products. The accessories are ranging from lightning-based docks, car chargers, adapters, cases, cables and a number of other accessories. Retailers like Belkin, JBL, ElevationLab, TheLightningDock, iPhone5mod, and Braeburn Acoustics are among some of the retailers willing to slash prices in favor of volumes.

Below is a list of accessories available at a discount rate by those retailers. You will also see the features of these products.

Car Chargers

Retailers  / Suppliers:

Griffin: $22.99 on sale for holiday season. Regular price $25

Belkin: $29.99

Ionic: $24.95, $34.95. The slightly more expensive version comes with a wall charger

iPhone / iPad Docks

JBL: Micro OnBeat-$99.95 and OnBeat Venture-$199.95- These are lightning dock accessories. You can buy a larger version for the iPad-mini or iPad 4th generation

ElevationLab: $89-$109- Regular not so fancy docking station

iPhone5mod: $40-Regular docking station

Braeburn Acoustics: $24.95, $69.95 and $99.95. Prices are based on different models, sizes and colors


For iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4th generation cables I suggest you go with Apple’s USB cable with is priced at around $30. However, you can get the cheaper and not so fancy version at amazon store for around $10 plus shipping.

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  • Mellisa

    I’m definitely gonna go after these deals. I need a car charger and those prices listed are good enough for the holidays. I’m also thinking of giving these as simple presents. Do you think that’s a good idea?