Top 4 iPhone 5S Bugs, Glitches, Problems and How To Fix Them

iphone 5s problems
The iPhone 5S is the first iPhone to offer 64 bit processing capabilities with its A7 processor. Apple has completely renovated the iOS for the device and the change in hardware as well as software of the device has led to a number of errors. These errors appear at random and not all users suffer from them. Some users have been lucky and have not had even a single problem with the device, while some users have been plagued with various problems in their iPhones. These iPhone 5S bugs range from hardware issues, of inconsistent user experience when using the software.

Top 4 iPhone 5S Bugs and Fixes

iPhone 5s bugs

Microphone not working iPhone 5S bug

Multiple iPhone 5S owners have reported problems with the microphone of their device. Either it does not work with certain apps, or they experience poor audio complains from their friends when they call them.

How to fix microphone not working bug for iPhone 5S

Forgetting to remove the screen protector is the most likely reason for the microphone not working issue. Your device’s microphone needs to be open to perform optimally. Alternatively, it can be a software problem that is being caused by a buggy app. Try to find out using which app causes the microphone to start malfunctioning and uninstall it. If it is not a software issue, go to the Apple store and have your device replaced under the manufacturer warranty.

Blue Screen of Death iPhone 5S bug

The BSOD bug for iPhone 5S has been widely reported and many people have complained about getting a blue screen after the iOS crashes.

How to fix a BSOD bug for iPhone 5S

Update your iOS to the latest version to fix the BSOD issue. Apple has introduced a patch with the 7.03 update that resolves this issue permanently.

Finger scanner not working iPhone 5S bug

The fingerprint scanner technology that Apple has introduced in the newer generation of iPhones has been facing severe criticism. Not only is its use very limited, the scanner often fails to recognize your fingerprint.

How to fix the fingerprint scanner not working bug for iPhone 5S

Always keep the screen clean, and wipe it a with a dry and soft cotton cloth. Update your iOS to the latest version and register your fingerprint once again using the upgraded scanning software.

Low Battery iPhone 5S bug

While the battery bug has been acknowledged by Apple, it is limited to a few devices at this point. Any iPhone suffering from this issue will only last 2 to 3 hours after a full battery charge.

How to fix the battery bug for iPhone 5S

There are no fixes for this issue. Apple is offering to replace any device that faces such issues. Alternatively, you can try disabling push notification and turning off data and GPS to conserve battery. Turn off the wifi and Bluetooth network of your device so that they do not waste precious battery when you are not using these services. You can also download battery conserving app to further reduce the battery consumption of your iPhone 5S.

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