Top 10 iOS 7 Features Apple Took from Jailbreaking Community

Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple’s mobile system and iOS are modified to run unsigned code to access to files. It is freeing the iOS 7 device from Apple’s restrictions. It also allows the downloading of many 3rd party applications. Below is a list of 10 jail breaking features that may have inspired the e development team of iOS7.

  1. The Live Stock is the most apparent jailbreaking feature inspiring the iOS 7 team of workers. This will get a working of the functioning clock on the screen. It is a feature that is nice even if it is a little redundant.
  2. The App Switcher is a change from what is seen in iOS 6. It is also one of the features inspired by the jailbreaking community.
  3. The Control Center is basically SB settings on steroids with no adjustment.
  4. The Folders can accommodate addition of min home screens inside each folder Changes like folder enhancer and infinite folders could have inspired these.
  5. Dynamic Wallpaper — The live papers is a jail break change that allows animated wallpaper on a jail broken I phone. iOS7’s dynamic wallpaper has room for growth
  6. Deep end is another similar jailbreak tweak to give 3D effects on movement of the device.
  7. Tabs are another jailbreak tweak in iOS7 that has the ability to cut down unlimited amount of tabs.
  8. The Blurred Notification center allows a blurred view of the contents behind the drop down window. The jailbreak tweak was called Fast blurred notification center that did the same work.
  9. The Notification Center on Lock Screen as with iOS7 there was a jail break change called Bulletin. This allows viewing notification center through the lock screen.
  10. Swipe Gestures on the iOS7 is a convenient jail break tweak that allows simple swipe to navigate backward forwards and on left and right menus at the same time. This is also possible on mail, messages and settings also.

iOS 7 features taken from jailbreak

There are likely to be many other features found in iOS7 that might have been inspired by the jailbreak community. There are researches still going on.

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Use of Jailbreaking

A lot of people use this jailbreaking device to unlock it and work on a different carrier. There are internet sites which guide people to install this process… Jailbreaking is legal in USA. But it can be done anywhere in the world though the rights remain with Apple. Sometimes Apple customer services refuse to attend a jail broken phone because the warranty is broken the moment there is a jailbreak. But on the other hand Apple acknowledges US govt.’s jail breaking as legal.

It is not possible to update a jail broken iOS device Hackers have found ways and means to jailbreak through an easy method. Software can be downloaded and made to run for installing jail breaking. It does not require any special skill or knowledge.

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