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Another Kind of iPhone: Apple Working on an iPhone Mini?

Rumors are that Apple is working on another kind of iPhone called iPhone Mini! Although this is simply rumors at this time it makes sense. The Minis ruled end of 2012 and giving Apple’s success with the iPad Mini, an iPhone mini could work and sell very well. We have to note that an iPhone Mini goes against 2013 design strategies giving that other smartphone companies like Samsung, Nokia, Google have released with great success and are working on larger smartphones.

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Three Common and Most Reported Problems with the iPhone 5

The latest version of the new iPhone is the Apple iPhone 5. This mobile is officially trusted and reviewed as the best gadget of the year beating all its other tough competitors such as Samsung galaxy s3, or any other gadgets which have been released by many reputed companies around the world. Regardless of all these still this gadget is facing some problems unlike any other devices. Let me tell you more regarding their common problems and their respective solutions.

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The Leaked iPhone 5 – Is it Everything We Expected?


As the iphone 5 expected release date is approaching there are iphone 5 rumors on every other website. As expected there are leaked iphone 5 pictures and rumors about the iphone 5 features. There have been some pictures that that confirms the redesign of the iphone 5, it actually looks the same as his predecessors (4 and 4S), but it’s a little taller because it has a bigger screen (4 inches). It’s not wider it’s just taller, it will look like sony xperia because of it’s thinnes and it will be tottaly different from his competition the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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