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Low-Cost iPhone and iPhone 5S to Replace the iPhone 5, Korean Reports

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s, a Korean news website announced that the iPhone 4S and 5 will be shelved in favor of the new flagship, titled the iPhone 5S, and the company plans to put all its efforts on the new model. This hasn’t been historically true, as the iPhone 4 is still available for free with a 2 year contract; the 4S for $99 with a year contract and the 5 is available with a slashed $199 price tag.

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iOS 6 is Jailbroken – How to Jailbreak iOS6 for Your iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

To perform an iOS jailbreak means to get rid of all limitations imposed by Apple on your that device. Jailbroken devices allow its user to gain root access over the iOS, and do anything you like to your device which includes downloading apps and themes from cydia app store and outside the  Apple AppStore.

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Jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 Available Online Minutes After Apple’s Release

Good news for jailbroken iPhone owners. Just a few minutes after Apple released iOS 6.0.1 it was jailbroken. iPhone Dev Team’s Redsn0w has released the the jailbreak codes for iOS 6.0.1 and we have confirmed it with Developer Redmond Pie today after he tested the update. The only downer to this update is that it’s only currently available for  iOS devices powered by an A4 chip or lower.

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Want to Sell Your Old iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for Best Prices?

We all will agree that the easiest way through which one can pay for the new iPhone 5 is by selling the old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. But, the question is where and how to sell them? You can easily sell them to a service like, and others for quick payment minus the trouble of having to meet a stranger in the parking lot of some café or restaurant. The prices of both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S remain stable over the last week, however they are as low as $60 since the 10th of August. Moreover, we are expecting the prices to drop drastically when there is an announcement of a new iPhone tomorrow at a special event.

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Looking for an Excellent Deal? iPhone 4 is Now Free with a 2 Year Contract!

Since everyone was so gung ho about the new release of the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012, Apple decided to make things even sweeter by offering the iPhone 4 for free.  Yes, for free when you get a two year contract from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Just last year both AT&T and Apple reduced the cost of the 3GS to make it free.  Amazingly, it phones were still purchased.  A lot of people want to buy a smartphone, but do not wish to pay a ton of money.  So, this is the best way to get an iPhone without paying an arm and a leg for it.

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