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Apple Siri not able to Report Current Events Mistaken Hurricane Sandy for a Hockey Team

Apple’s Siri once again proved why Google’s Voice Search is superior. When I asked Siri this morning about the storm ‘Sandy’ the voice assistant gave me details of a hockey team! while Google’s Voice Search managed to deliver relevant information about the superstorm,  including Google’s crisis map. Another Siri weather test shows an old  forecast  to New York City before Hurricane Sandy!

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Apple iPhone iOS 6 Versus Google Android Jelly Bean OS

Samsung Galaxy Note 2  vs. the iPhone 5? The iOS 6 vs the Android Jelly Bean OS?  Comparing these items might actually surprise a few people.  Some of the features like the home screen customization  is going to be based upon what the user likes and the brand that he likes the best.  Basically, the way that the devices perform is not all that important.

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Why Google Maps Gone from in iOS6 and Why Apple Needs it Back in iOS6 and iPhone 5

Even though everyone is happy with Apple’s new iPhone 5, they aren’t too happy with the iOS 6 software.  Apple stop using Google Maps and went with other mapping alternatives.  Obviously, this makes many users very unhappy. If you are experiencing problems with your mapping system, you are probably wondering why Apple made such a drastic change. Sure, Apple and Google have been at odds for a while, but that is not the only reason for this change. Besides, if Apple really wanted to play dirty, it could have just used Bing as its new default iPhone search engine.

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