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Three Common and Most Reported Problems with the iPhone 5

The latest version of the new iPhone is the Apple iPhone 5. This mobile is officially trusted and reviewed as the best gadget of the year beating all its other tough competitors such as Samsung galaxy s3, or any other gadgets which have been released by many reputed companies around the world. Regardless of all these still this gadget is facing some problems unlike any other devices. Let me tell you more regarding their common problems and their respective solutions.

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Apple iPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC Windows Phone 8X: Specs & Price Comparison, selecting the Best Holiday Deal

You have a great deal of variety in choosing the latest cell phone in this festive season. With a lot of holiday deals, cyber Monday deals in most of the popular online shopping websites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and best buy, most tech-addicts are face with the challenge of choosing the perfect Smartphone. Here are the options for the same – HTC windows phone 8x, Nokia Lumia 920 and Apple iPhone 5. With a comprehensive gadget comparison from our end you will be able to select the best option.

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Prices and Availability Released for the New Apple iPhone 5

On September 12, 2012 Apple announced that it released its new iPhone 5.  Everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for information about this phone and it is finally available.  The following article will list pricing plans based upon the three largest phone providers which are AT &T, Verizon Communications and Sprint Nextel Corporation.

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iPhone 5 Sold Out So Apple Changed Shipping Date From September 21 to Sept. 28th


Apple has changed the estimated shipping date for iPhone 5 pre-orders, only a few hours after the phone started selling at its online store. Previously, Apple’s online store promised a ship date of September 21, 2012 for retail pre- orders of its new  iPhone 5. But, its pre–order page says that this ship date has been changed to September 28, 2012.  This applies to  all three Apple phone models for all pre-orders placed by September 14, 2012.  The three models available for shipment are the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB.

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The Release of the New Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6: Begin Downloading on September 19th


Apple announces the release date of its latest operating system with guarantees that the mapping and Siri functions have improved. Apple will release the latest arrival of its iOS mobile operating system, iOS6, on September 19, 2012. The announcement of the released date was made public by the Cupertino Co on September 12, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  The announcement included the release day for Apple‘s new iPhone 5 as well.

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