Rumors: Mac OS X to be Integrated with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

According to the latest rumors iPhone 6 and iPad 5 will be running on the famous Mac OS X. The latest buzz states that the newer models of iPhone and iPad will have Mac OS X as their operating systems. This was reported earlier by the website The website mentioned the coming of futuristic smartphones where the device would be a tablet, Smartphone, computer and a smartwatch all rolled into one.

This turns out to be pretty easier for apple since, both the iPhone and the iPad use the same iOS operating system. The real problem lies in merging the iOS with Mac OS X. This means that once the operating systems are unified, the cumulative result will have much more benefits than windows 8 and Google put together. This gives them an edge over them.

There are rumors flying in the air which describe a built in 4 Pico projectors which will give the iPhone and iPad device the capability to function like a Mac with a virtual keyboard. If it is to be combined with the futuristic iWatch device, then it will guarantee the change in the way one experiences social media through gadgets completely.

With the iPhone 6 slated for an early release next year, the season will mark newer changes in the design of the iPhone. Reports also suggest that Apple is looking forward to adopt a 6-month cycle of product launches in order to give a stiffer competition to Samsung and Google. This means that the newer model will be within reach by March 2013.

Horace Dediou, an analyst at Asymco confirms the belief that Apple will initiate a new generation of devices on a half-yearly basis. This statement is made with accordance to John Scully’s statement. He is the CEO of Apple Inc. Scully believes that the coming months will see significant rise in terms of product cycles and will be introducing products on a bi-yearly basis.

The popularity of iPhone 5 is yet to be matched up to, with people still craving for it around the world. The new model is said to have a great camera and a screen display with a better resolution. Rumors are that the newer model will have a Super HD display and camera better than that of the HTC droid DNA.

Some other rumors claim that iPhone 6 will be markedly different from its predecessors and will come in 6 to 8 colorful varieties to tempt younger customers. iPad 5 is slated for a March release. This will be 8 months after the launch of the previous model. The Cupertino-based company chose to keep a tight lid on the details of their upcoming phone model.

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