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Want to save money on the iPhone 5? maybe you just don’t want to wait 2 weeks to get that shinny iPhone 5 delivers to you by Apple, or it could just be that you cannot afford that shinny and expensive device right now. How about a refurbished iPhone 5 that looks, feel and work the same as any other iPhone 5s.

There isn’t anything wrong with a refurbished product like the iPhone 5. It simply means someone ordered the device, unboxed it and decided to return it for whatever reasons. By law, Apple or any iPhone retailers cannot simply resell the iPhone as a new product; they have to re-sell it as a refurbished product.

You can grab you one of those bad boys at either the Amazon store with this iPhone 5 coupon code (APIP-RYTG-TVDP-15OF). You can find an

Unlocked iPhone 5 16GB for $700 or less or you can get a refurbished iPhone 5 from AT&T which offers the black or white 16GB refurbished iPhone 5 for $149.99, the 32GB iPhone 5 for $249.99 and the 64GB iPhone 5 for $349.99 with a 2-year contract. Since this is Cyber Monday you can only purchase this deal online at the AT&T store (

Cyber Monday starts at 12am or mid-night and ends at 11:59pm. Don’t forget to come back here and share with us your Cyber Monday grabs.

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