AT&T Launches New iPhone Upgrade Plan! Is That a Hint of Apple’s New iPhone Release Date is Near?

AT&T have given out early signs of the iPhone 6 coming out soon by introducing upgrades to its customers already. The company has long followed this simple formula of clearing out the previous iteration’s inventory at slashed prices, which means that the iPhone 5 is now available at $199 even though it has been less than two years since it made it in the world. This is clearly an indication that the iPhone 5S or possibly an iPhone 6 is going to hit the market pretty soon, and we can predict September for that.

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Low-Cost iPhone and iPhone 5S to Replace the iPhone 5, Korean Reports

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s, a Korean news website announced that the iPhone 4S and 5 will be shelved in favor of the new flagship, titled the iPhone 5S, and the company plans to put all its efforts on the new model. This hasn’t been historically true, as the iPhone 4 is still available for free with a 2 year contract; the 4S for $99 with a year contract and the 5 is available with a slashed $199 price tag.

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Will Apple Release a Gold iPhone 5s Like This One? (PHOTOS)

There are numerous reports of the iPhone 5S sporting a gold outer shell, adding speculation that the boring whites and blacks will be a thing of the past. Currently only the iPod touch is available with multiple color options, but the iPhone has never been available outside the black & white color range. That seems to change now. Will Apple Release a Gold iPhone 5s?

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Graphene Features on iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s Will Add Many Benefits

You may want to have a look at this update if you love iPhone and want to purchase the iPhone 6 sometime later this year when it launches, and if you haven’t heard of this thing called Graphene, because Apple might very well include it in the latest avatar of its smartphone lineup.

Graphene with iPhone 6 has multiple benefits

We would be looking at very phenomenal stuff if Apple decides to include the Graphene in its iPhone lineup because this is groundbreaking technology we are speaking of here, with implications far beyond what people think.

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Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales?

Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales? An analyst certainly seems to think so. UBS analyst Steve Milunovich believes that the iPhone Light, also known as the iPhone M would capture about 53% of the iPhone market. The iPhone Light will replace the iPhone 4/4S, which has a 55% share presently, because of the older components that are cheap. With the Light the company seeks to fill that void with a new Phone and the same pricing, and Apple will be able to sell 92 million units in the fiscal year 2014.

Because of the fact that the iPhone Light has a lower gross margin than the 4/4S models, Apple certainly hopes to add new customers to its already rising breed of followers with the iPhone M, by pricing it aggressively and competitively. This step is not new from Apple.

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iPhone 5s/6 Release Date Sets for September 11 – iPhone 5C Price Revealed

The iPhone 5S & 6 will be released in the month of September, perhaps in different dates. Besides this the latest photos of smartphones reveal different specs. According to some reports the iPhone 6 would be either called, iPhone Lite, iPhone 5C or iPhone 6.

MacRumors has stated that the cheaper iPhone might be called “5 C” and will come with the same old 8mp camera like in the iPhone 5.

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FUTURISTIC: iPhone 6 Mini Concept Features iOS 8

After testing iOS 7 bet 3 on iPhone 5 & 4S, we are now more focused towards witnessing the release of iOS 7 Gold Master in next 2 months. In fact we were shocked to see an iPhone 6 mini concept with iOS 8, but we think it’s always good to get an idea of what we might see in future.

It’s a no brainer that Apple fans are quite loyal and are always waiting for Apple to launch something new. And this might be the very reason why we are witnessing numerous new concepts regarding what we can expect after iOS 7 and iPhone 5S.

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New Leaked Delivery Box Picture Show Apple is Releasing iPhone 5G NOT iPhone 5s

A picture with labels ‘5G LCD /Digitizer White Orginial‘ was leaked by the website USwitch early today suggesting that Apple is getting ready to release an iPhone 5G as opposed to the iPhone 5S everyone including us has be predicted and wrote much about. The length of the box itself suggests the iPhone 5G device will sport a longer screen than the iPhone 5 and previous iPhones.

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JUST IN: Scratch-free and Transparent iPhone 6 Production has Begun

scratch free and transparent iPhone 6
Sharp’s next generation screen technology that promises to be 8 times as sensitive as the screens available today are finally out. The screens developed by Sharp are supposed to support even ordinary touch inputs like pencils and pens, and Apple is already in talks to get that screen for its next breed of iPhones including the iPhone 6, which means that you can now scribble on an iPhone with a pencil.

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iPhone 5s Release Possibly with iOS 7 iWallet

Of course this feature called the NFC has been connected with the name of the iPhone 5S, and has been in the cards for quite some time. It can be taken as granted that this feature will do the rounds in the next iteration of the iPhone. Most people are not familiar with Near Field Communication and its implications. But when the phone does debut, Tim Cooks won’t take more than a few seconds to explain NFC, and then quickly go on to the expanded passbook and the iWallet.

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