Multi-Color iPhone 5S/6 Similar to iPod Touch With IGZO Screens, iOS 7 and Retina Display in Production

The rumors that surround the Apple products and their launches never stop, and the current rage that’s fueling the rumor is that the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 will both be released tentatively in the year 2013. Although it’s still very early to say, an Apple rumor is worth taking a look.

The most probable and bankable rumor that you can get however, is that the next range of Apple products will have more colors splashed on them, and that’s speaking literally.

Tiffany Kaisar from DailyTech was spotted citing institutional securities firm Jefferies analyst Peter Misek who predicted that the iPhone 5S could be shipped to stores in June 2013 and that the color choice will be more profound now, with options like pink, blue & yellow, and of course the traditional black & white, and this brings it in sync with the iPod Touch, and if Mr Misek is to be taken seriously, the 7-8 tone color range will be also available on the iPod nano.

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Apple hasn’t been too colorful with its product range, and it has used that as an advantage. However, times are changing, and if Apple does not do away with the black & white color theme then the days are not far away when they will be labeled as austere, which is not what Apple would want.

Other goodies that Mr. Misek predicts on the upcoming lineup include the IGZO screen for Retina+, a super HD camera/screen, capability for NFC, optionally available 128GB of storage and batteries that last longer.

There is no debating the fact that visually speaking, Apple has produced winners upon winners in the computing field, and this trend was in 1998 with the beige colored imac G3 and it first came in white on “Blondie Blue” which is a nod to a popular beach in Australia. Fruity colors for the iMacs soon followed, with colors like Blueberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lime (which won me over) and Grape. The generation of iMacs that came after this had colors that were more like the earth, such as sage, ruby, indigo, graphite & snow — the last color becoming the mainstay for all of Apple’s products.

Things are about to change for the iPhone and the iPad which previously were offered in just Black & white. The iPhone’s case is particularly strong.

Black and white is absolutely fine, no doubt, and more so when you are painting all of that on computing devices. But it also pays to have a little more livery and spice in life, which is why Apple would do good to introduce more color variety in the products it has.
So, let’s assume for a minute that the color choice for your smartphone is really coming out. What would be your preferred choice in the color?

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