Life with iOS 6: iPhone or iPad Problems Anyone? We Have Some Fixes

The following are a few ways to endure life after the iOS 6 upgrade.  Please note that these steps will both fix the problem and save the battery of your iPhone and iPad, which should preserve the life of the battery.  This is good to know because if the location aware apps are always operating in the background, this will put a drain on your battery.  So, these steps will fix your iPhone or iPad problems and extend the battery life.

How to repair your slow iPhone after an upgrade to iOS 6

A lot of people have complained about how slow the iPhone and iPad run after they upgrade to the new iOS 6. There are some iPhones that might be slow by nature, but after this upgrade, the situation just got even worse.

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If you look at your iPhone, in the Location Services section, you will see a little message about how Location Services work.  It says that GPS is used in addition to crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations to pinpoint your exact location.  Think about this for a few minutes.  Do you see how this can be a huge negative?

This means that all of your locations apps that are marked as location aware are enabled.  This was not happening before you upgraded to the new iOS 6.  So, this means that when you agreed to the upgrade, your iPhone automatically did this for you. Okay, in layman’s terms, when this happened, all of these apps are now running behind the scenes.  All of these things running at the same time really puts a drain on your device’s processing power.

How to increase the speed of your iPhone and iPad after an iOS 6 upgrade

First, push on Settings

Second, push on Privacy

Third, push on Location Services

Fourth, customize your settings by going through your apps.  Disable the ones that are marked as location enabled. Make sure you turn them off.

When you disable these location apps, it will free up some space so that you will have more processing power for your iPhone or iPad.  This should take care of the problem and make your devices run faster.


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    Thanks for the post. I recently updated my phone to iOS 6 and encountered same problem. This is a good find for me. I’m gonna share this with my friends too. Do you reply here on your posts if ever I am to ask for iPhone and Ipad fixes?