iPhone Cases: Get a Free iPhone 5 Case Courtesy of ZooGue

Even though so many people will do anything to get their hands on a new iPhone 5, you can bet millions that most of them will not think about getting a case for it, which is a bad decision all around. Until you find the perfect case for your new favorite gadget, consider using a free phone 5 case from ZooGue.

You can get a new iPhone 5 case from ZooGue at no charge by sending in $3.98 for shipping, but hurry because this offer will not last long.  Now, this does not mean that this case will do a better job than others, but at least it will protect your new phone from getting scratches.  This should appeal to anyone who has a black iphone since it seems to get a lot of scratches on the back.  Besides, keep the newness as long as you can!

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Also, this case should help if you drop your phone from say, an average height.  Every little bit will help to keep the dents and scratches away.  But, then again, Apple scored pretty highly in drop tests for phones without cases.  However, with the case, you will have even more protection for your new iPhone 5.

There is also a cool assortment of case colors to choose from such as navy blue, white, black, pink, purple, light blue, old spice red and even lime green.  The case is pretty lightweight and should not bulk up the iPhone 5 ‘s already sleek and slim design.  The case also has ridges, which will makes it easier to grip and not drop by accident.  It is also made with shock resistant thermoplastic polyurethane.  Additionally, this case has port openings for all of the items that you are accustomed to.  You have the option to pre-order cases, which will ship around October.  As stated earlier, you will only have to pay shipping and get the phone for no charge.  But, remember this offer will not last forever.  All in all, a ZooGue case should be pretty durable and a good value as well.  Also, for every case sold, ZooGue donates a dollar to a children’s charities all over the world.

Click here to get your ZooGue iPhone 5, 4s, 4 case

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