iPhone 6: The Rumors, Release Date, Specs, Features, Pictures

We are always on a lookout for the latest details of Apple’s much anticipated iPhone devices, be it the release date of the iPhone 5 or its revived version of iPhone 5S or an even bigger update like the purported iPhone 6. Here you will see some hottest updates on the much anticipated iPhone 6 along with its release date, upcoming features, the rumors and speculations.

The iPhone 6 screen

The iPhone 5S will most probably have a Retina display which means that there is a possibility that Apple might shift to a bigger iPhone screen with the iPhone 6. According to the reports the company  will most likely try to compete with the smartphone screens like that of the forthcoming HTC J Butterfly.

Rumors are that Apple might be looking forward to utilize a 4.8 inch Retina+ IGZO screen manufactured by Sharp thereby making the iPhone display much brighter, thinner and a lot clearer having better resolution than HD.


iPhone 5S to be Released in June with 8 Different Colors and Improved Camera

As per people inside the manufacturing business, Sharp has already started working towards making the super HD display ready for iPhone but since the technology used is very advanced there is very little possibility that it’ll show up on iPhone 5S. Apple has been saving this technology for devices like iPhone 6 and probably the iPad Mini 2.

Features of Apple iPhone 6

Since iPhone 5 has super-efficient and extremely fast A6 processor it is assumed that the iPhone 6 will consist of a new A7 chip that will be limited only to the next-gen iPad as well as the 6th generation iPhone.

The same source which suggested this also thinks that Apple might release iPhone 5S sooner than usual to provide them enough time to produce and launch the iPhone 6 as an important updated version of the previous model.

Another feature which is most likely to be seen on the iPhone 6 is the utilization of sonar in place of the existing infrared sensors that makes use of sound as proximity sensor allowing the phone to sense where it is, either by means of identifying whether the device is being held up to the user’s ear, or by means of alerting the user regarding an incoming object.

Release date of Apple iPhone 6

Technorati, a tech website suggests that Apple will aim to recover its wow factor for which it will have to limit its launches to extraordinary products. Therefore, the release date of Apple iPhone 6 may well be one chief reason if the iPhone 5S is not released at all.

On one hand they can launch the iPhone 5S in the ‘budget iPhone’ category while the iPhone 6 can be the next big thing, a greater version of smartphone by Apple. The website thinks that Cupertino might release it in late 2013 or even 2014 so that it can compete straightaway with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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