iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 Release Date Delay – Could it be Apple’s Best Marketing Tactic Yet?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s
The iPhone could be as secretive and unpredictable as the CIA itself! With all these rumors circulating about the latest drama in the release date of the iPhone 5s/iPhone 6, not even one of them has been actually confirmed by the said company that it is true. Although the release of the iPhone 5 may still be fresh and has not been considered to be stale yet in terms of the latest trend, many people have already anticipated the grand release official announcement on when will the iPhone 5s/iPhone 6 will be made public.

Most gossips and unofficial reports have been leaked stating that the new iPhone may be released later on September 2013. However, considering the case of iPad 4 and the iPad Mini whereby they were released and arrived earlier in contrary to their expected release date, people are still giddy on the fact that perhaps it could be released at an earlier date just like the two iPads. If such is the case, the eagerness and anticipation of the iPhone 5s fanatics will probably hype up until September 2013. Moreover, further hearsay have been known from the media that the said company will start to accept pre-orders on the 20th of June which will be far later than its expected release date.

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6, specs, features, release date

Furthermore, the excitement continually rises up with the teaser introduction of various features and the mobile capacity of the iPhone 5s. It has been said that it has a 12-megapixel sensor with over the top higher image and video resolution despite its physically small feature. Moreover, it has rumored to have a higher internal memory capacity that will even be more competitive among other iPhone gadgets. With all these hype, would it be possible that indeed Apple is as secretive as its attempts to build up the demand for the iPhone 5s ensuring its guaranteed sold out production?

Apple is without a doubt one of the big moguls in the communication and mobile industry. There is no denying that it has with it one of the top designers and marketers of their product. Its developed system especially on their marketing area could probably be the root cause of why iPhones are very popular even though they have not been officially on the market yet. Their alleged “delays” in the iPhone5s release could be nothing more but a marketing tactic for them to allow more potential buyers of the said unit.

The creation of its exclusivity into generating a chimera that only the popular few can only avail of such product worked. It is of this reason that Apple must have purposely announced a pre-order basis of the said product. Thus, even prior to the release of the iPhone 5s, it may very well be considered to be sold and revenue is already assured prior to the actual sales transaction.

It is no wonder why, despite its high cost and price, people still crave to have an iPhone 5s most especially now that it has not yet even been released.

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