iPhone 5s Colors: Black iPhone vs. White iPhone

When it comes to choosing a color to pick for the latest models of iPhone, it really comes down to what you prefer. If truth be told, the black iPhone does not give in to changes as well as the white iPhone. This means that when you’d have spent some time with the black model you’ll see it getting worn out with use. This will fetch you lesser money at the time of selling it again.

The first white iPhone reared its head in the 3G model launched in 2008. People seemed to prefer the white color more mostly because of the sense of novelty which it imparted along with its fashionable appeal. My wife chose the white model all throughout when purchasing the iPhone across many generations. Personally I have both the black and white versions in my collection.

When it comes to being a typical buyer for Smartphone I am not the most viable choice, since I purchase many devices for my work. This leaves me only to employ Google voice and certain iOS6 features from time to time.

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Having used the black phone for just two months, it already tends to look careworn. On the other hand the white version still looks like it is in mint condition. This is after both of them have been tended with the same handling and care. This might be due to the fact that the white iPhone 5 has a coating of anodized aluminum covering both the top and the bottom halves. This accounts for its durability since it a very durable metal. This has been used in all the Apple products with ease and from the picture you can gauge the flawless results.

On the other hand, the black iPhone only has a black coating painted over the same anodized aluminum surface. This means that when it is scratched, the silver tends to show through. The pock marks as illustrated in the picture are due to the sticking of dirt. This damage was incurred in the first 3 months of use and as one can anticipate would have been much worse, if the cover had not been used. This is assuming that all iPhone users will have a case protecting their phones.

While Apple has always resulted in exceptional products, the black model is a warning to Apple impeccable quality control. If Apple can do something about the durability of the black finish, it will remain in its wide appeal to its wide audience.

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