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Low-Cost iPhone and iPhone 5S to Replace the iPhone 5, Korean Reports

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s, a Korean news website announced that the iPhone 4S and 5 will be shelved in favor of the new flagship, titled the iPhone 5S, and the company plans to put all its efforts on the new model. This hasn’t been historically true, as the iPhone 4 is still available for free with a 2 year contract; the 4S for $99 with a year contract and the 5 is available with a slashed $199 price tag.

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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 5S (Rumored) – Features, Specs, Prices, Colors etc

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5 – even though the iPhone 5 was just released in September, rumors are circulating that a new iPhone 5S will be unveiled this summer. It would not he unheard of for Apple to release a modified upgrade to a recent model, before releasing a totally redesigned new model the next year. Both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 models saw “S” models released roughly a year or so after they launched. So it makes sense that an iPhone 5S released this year would be similar in size, shape, and design to its predecessor, the iPhone 5, while offering a few new features and enhancements. This seems to be the consensus of multiple analysts and experts in the industry.

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T-Mobile iPhone 5s Release Date Finally Announced

Reportedly, the iPhone is eying the T-Mobile segment in the upcoming 4 months. According to Reuters, T-Mobile of USA is keen on launching the iPhone 5 in the next 4 months, and the rumors are strong. Installment plans instead of device subsidies are also in the cards for the carrier who is eying at reducing costs of plans for its subscribers.

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Rumors: No Hope for Jailbreak Version of iOS 6 for iPhone 5?

The owners of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 want to find an alternative for their device and want an untethered jail break version of the device to come out. Will their hopes be dashed?

The status for the untethered jailbreak version of iPhone 5 iOS 6

A couple of days ago Twitter was all abuzz with jailbreak developers who were claiming to have found a way to crack the latest versions of iPhone and iOS, among which p0sixnija was talking about kernel exploits and numerous ways to dump the boot ROM. Thanks to the heightened security features included this jail break version might not see the light of day for many more years. If the jailbreak was made possible by him, then it will always be easier to get a cracked version of the device for any future models of the device.

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Early Delivery of Late iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

It seems like Apple is ahead of the game when it comes to its  iPhone 5  pre-orders.  They are shipping them out quicker than  anticipated.  Previously, it was estimated that these pre-orders would ship out in the beginning part of October, but they are now arriving on September 27, 2012.

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There is a Likelihood of Supply Constraints in the Launch of the New iPhone 5 by Apple


According to a report by a Taiwanese news site Apple might be having problems and restrictions in the supply of the new iPhone during the launch. This might be a hindrance for it at the time of the shipment. And the numbers will be limited until the third quarter of the year 2012.

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Was The New iPhone 5 September 21st Release Date and Availability Made Official By Verizon Vacation Blackout?


The official news is that there is a vacation blackout in Verizon beginning from the 21st of September which will last until the 30th of September. You would wonder how a vacation ban is related to the launch of a new iPhone release date. The answer is that just as the previous years have shown, the launch of the iPhone 5 will seem to be a glamorous event. Here every person would be needed to be present. Therefore the vacation ban has been imposed.

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Will it be iPhone 5, Next Generation iPhone, The New iPhone or iPhone 6?


Everybody  has been speculating on how the next iphone is going to look, what  features it will have, but nobody has discussed the name; they all  continue to use the name ‘iPhone 5′. Looking at the history of the iphone it’s reasonable to assume that the name will be iphone 5. However there is cause to believe that the next generation iphone will not be called the iphone 5, but rather ‘the new iPhone’ or ‘iPhone 6.’ Let’s go through the iPhone naming or should I say numbering through the years.

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The Next Generation iPhone Rumors – is Apple getting too Much Attention?


Apple’s new iPhone 5 rumors are all over the place! But when it comes to the release of a new Apple product there fans are always eager to be the first ones to learn how revolutionary will the device be. That’s why we can see that with the upcoming iPhone as well – the internet is full of iPhone 5 rumors. But which are true and which are false? Read on to get a glimpse of what might very well be the iPhone 5 release date and what exactly will the phone be!

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The Leaked iPhone 5 – Is it Everything We Expected?


As the iphone 5 expected release date is approaching there are iphone 5 rumors on every other website. As expected there are leaked iphone 5 pictures and rumors about the iphone 5 features. There have been some pictures that that confirms the redesign of the iphone 5, it actually looks the same as his predecessors (4 and 4S), but it’s a little taller because it has a bigger screen (4 inches). It’s not wider it’s just taller, it will look like sony xperia because of it’s thinnes and it will be tottaly different from his competition the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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