How to Trick Siri and Force her to Use Google Maps for Directions

We reported last week that Google finally release
Google Maps app for iOS users on the iPhone and iPad. The media went wild about it and customers who were tired of Apple Maps sending them off the cliff finally found a relief. You can now use Google Maps on iPhone and iPad to get to exactly where you going.

But what about Siri? Since Google Maps is not the default Maps on iOS for directions (buggy Apple Maps is), you will end up with Apple Maps when you’re ask Siri for directions. Hold up, the people at has found a way to trick Siri into using Google Maps.


Siri works well with mapping services as an integral part of iOS. You can ask Siri for almost anything. You can as her to take you to the movies, newest grocery stores, Apple Stores and many more. However, Siri will by default use Apple Maps. This video below will show you how to tick Siri into using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps.

As stated in the video, you need to instruct Siri that you’re traveling ‘via transit’ at the end of your direction request. Siri will then pop up a list of alternative map apps already installed on your device. From there, select Google Maps app and you’re on your way to your destination using Google Maps!

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    Wow, thanks. I got tired of Siri using Apple Maps when I have the wonderful Google Maps installed.