How to Organize iPhone Apps into Folders – iOS 6.0.1

App store currently has about 750,000 apps and games, made for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. The beauty of it is that you can download as many as you like, only limitation is your bank account (if you are buying paid apps and games) and storage capacity of your device. That being the case, many users fill up their devices with a lot of apps and games, which makes your home screen and other screen very unorganized. Well, luckily more experienced iOS users know about the ability to put your apps and games into different folders, making it much easier to navigate through them-And eventually see what to remove from your device.

There are a few factors on the user interface important for you to organize your apps.

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First is the dock

The dock is a mini navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, which appears in home screen and all the other screens on your device. Put there only those apps that are most useful, such as messaging, dialing menu, and other similar apps that you NEED the most. Don’t use your dock for apps like facebook. Save that valuable space for apps that require minimum of your time to find and open them- just like messaging and dialing menu!

Second factor are the aforementioned folders

Create folders for specified category of apps, like entertainment, business, games, health, utilities, etc. By doing that you decrease the number of icons shown on the screen from a hundred to 6-7.

How to Create The Folders

You can create folders like this- tap and click on the icon you wish to „folderise“and drag it onto another icon of the app from the same desired category.

Add More Apps in Folders

Then your device creates a folder consisting of those 2 icons (apps), and you can add any other apps to the folder by dragging them into it. You can also rename the folder by double-clicking on its default name, or erase the folder by extracting all the apps from it. Put apps that don’t fit any of your categories but are important (such as Settings) as is on the home screen, while folders should be kept on the second screen.

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  • Addie

    Frm wher to get the app Launch in ur dock ???

  • iphonereleasenet

    we don’t understand what you mean. All you need to do is hold one app until all the apps are shacking and drag that app into another app to create a folder.