How-to: Get Twitter Widget Notification Center for the iOS 6

One of the best new things to look forward to is the Twitter widget that will be in the Notification Center.  You can also look forward to having this type of feature for Facebook when the service is put into the new iOS 6.  However, as of today, you can just put in the Twitter widget by doing a hack.

Once your iOS 5 device is ready, you can get the iOS 6 Twitter Widget in Cydia via the Notification Center.  Developer Mathieu Hendey provides this package via BigBoss.  When the installation is finished, you can turn it on by going to Settings, Notification Center, Twitter Widget and then ON.

By going to Settings, Notifications, In Notification Center, you will be able to see where the Twitter widget has been added.  If you want to move this particular widget to the top of the Notification Center, push on the edit button in order to drag the Twitter widget to the top.  This will control where the widget is located in the iOS 5 Notification Center.

See, it is as simple as that.  Also keep in mind that you will see a Tap to Tweet button at the very top of the Notification Center.  Just push on this button and you can tweet instantly.  This makes things very simple, if you choose to utilize the Notification Center.  Simply put, you can start using this right now.  Why wait?

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