First Ultra-Thin Bumper to Protect iPhone 5 Edges (PICTURES)

No one were ready on the accessories world for the iPhone 5. I mean NO ONE. The barrage of
iPhone 5 cases, batteries, screens, docks and other iPhone 5 accessories did not come to the market until days after the release of the iPhone 5. Still to this day there isn’t a bumper to protect the iPhone 5 edges. However, there is one in production thanks to the designers at Designed by m.

The CEO and founder Lester Mapp has recently raised money through cloud funding Kickstarter and now working to make the first ever iPhone 5 bumper a reality. There are a number of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s bumpers available all over the web but not for the taller and slimmer iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 bumper is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and manufactured with chamfered edges and only adding 16 grams to your iPhone 5 weight. The iPhone 5 edges protector comes in silver, black, red and green color options and be sold for $80 online.

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The accessory is projected to be released in April 2013. That’s around tax refund time (lol).

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