Does iOS 6 Update Slows Your iPhone or iPad and Creates WiFi Problems? Fixes With Videos

Two of the things that people are complaining about the most when it comes to the new iOS update involve the following: First, once the upgrade is done, the iPhone or iPad doesn’t process as quickly. It’s too darn slow. Second, the battery life of the iPhone or iPad is being used more. It has been noted that both of these things are caused by the location enabled apps that are on these devices.

Unbeknownst to many iPhone or iPad users, the apps that have location capability are automatically enabled.  This is done all without your knowledge behind the scenes.

iOS 6 Users Still Having Wi-Fi Problems – Try these Fixes

Just go to the Location Services screen that is on your device.  You will see that all of the apps such as camera, Chrome, Facebook, Google and Maps they all have the “ON” buttons enabled.

This becomes such an issue because when all of the apps are enabled, they are constantly giving out information about your location.  They are running quietly in the background.  Think of it as your phone working extra hours in order to make sure that all of these apps are updated with your exact location information.  Your phone is not idle.  It is working like gangbusters.

iOS 6 and WiFi: Finally a Fix that Works for Updated iOS 6 iPhone and iPad

When it comes to the life of the battery, it is running out because it is working more in order to supply the power that your phone needs.

So, how do you fix it?  Well, one good thing is that a lot of these apps you probably will never utilize.  So, it does not make sense to have them location enabled.  That will be less of a drain on your battery.  So, use the following steps to fix this problem.

  • First, go to your home screen
  • Second, push Settings
  • Third, go to Privacy
  • Fourth, go to Location Services
  • Last, sort through each app and turn off the location capability ( Make sure that each unused app is in the OFF position)

iOS 6 Upgrade: Fixing the Grayed Out WiFi on Your iPhone or iPad

This might seem like such a hassle, but keep this in mind.  If you do not turn them off, it will only decrease the life of your battery and your phone will continue to run slowly.  Why have all of these apps enabled when you don’t really need them? Turn them off and you will see a huge difference.

How-to Video:  Fix iOS 6 WiFi Issues

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  • bruce

    I just hope this would be the answer to my problem with slow wifi on my iPad. I was not aware of the location enabled app being the reason. I’m gonna try this one. Thanks for the post. Hope this helps.

    • iphonereleasenet

      So I’m not the only one having issues with my Wi-fi with iPhone 5 and iOS 6 I see. Everytime I leave my apt and come back I have to restart my wireless router for my iPhone wifi to work.