Best Cases and Cheap Accessories for your iPhone 5

Apple in September was the star of the hosting of one of the largest hosting in Cellphone history and the honors went to the iPhone 5 and this has been since the previous iPhone hit the shelves in 2011. This 5th generation device is one of the first redesign attempts since Cupertino came up with the idea of a sleeker and smarter phone in 2007.

You don’t mention an Apple product without mentioning accessories and the big players at and independent manufactures have already a gazillion variety when it comes to accessories for the phone itself to make you spoil for choice. People who have been given the iPhone packaging as the perfect gift of the holidays need some serious thinking in deciding the best accessories for their iPhone 5.

Xtreme Mac Microshield Stand – Xtreme Mac have the

$28 Microshield Stand that can make you view without using your hands and it comes with a hard casing. The case is pretty light considering that it is quite thick for protection’s sake. Xtreme Mac’s kickstand case offers you a plethora of choices when it comes to color, and you have gray, red, pink or turquoise for the choices. There are dedicated cutouts to serve as the phone’s various buttons, as well as a kickstand that pops up from the phone’s behind. This kickstand has both the landscape and portrait modes, and you can be sure of the stability.

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book – This little casing is a delight in that it departs from the other casings in that they just provide a flap for the iPhone’s front while providing a few slides. The

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book goes the extra mile in providing dedicated pockets to store your knickknacks. The book also delights in that it has a dedicated window to display you ID card as and when necessary, but coming in at 60 bucks, it’s definitely not cheap.

Spigen Stylus Pen Kuel H14 Series – You don’t necessarily need a stylus for a modern device such as the iPhone 5, and the stylus belongs to the resistive touch phones of the era gone by. Still the stylus offered by Spigen is lightweight & comfortable. Added advantages of using the stylus is that your screen does not get dirty and you can play games at an easier pace with a stick that’s no bigger than a ball point pen. Grab

Belkin Shield Pastels – The company is offering two eye catching designs from their stables for the iPhone 5. In one theme you have a blend of red, amber & teal shades and in the other you have the glamorous purple, pink & fuchsia combination of colors, all at a $30 price tag. Grab

Otis James/Griffin iPhone 5 Slip Cover – Otis James of the Hand-crafted tie maker fame has joined hands with Griffin Technology has offers to get you elegant plaid covers for you iPhone 5, all at a cheap price of $75. You’ll have a hard time finding an alternative to Otis James & Griffin’s offering when it comes to making a style statement at that corporate party. You also get a pouch that can store your needy items like the credit cards and other assorted items of frequent use.

If you feel that we missed an accessory that should have been here but wasn’t, the comments section is open for your revenge.

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