Apple’s Old iPhone Trade-in Program Hints at iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Release Date is Near

Apple announced a few hours ago that an old iPhone exchange program is on the way and may be launched in stores nationwide as early as this Friday (August 30, 2013). iPhone owners will be able to go to any Apple store and get instant credit toward a new iPhone. We believe this rumor is credible because the two biggest Apple news websites; 
9to5Mac and MacRumors also reported on the old iPhone trade-in program.

The official name for the program is rumored to be ‘iPhone Reuse and Recycle Program.’ older iPhone owners should not get this program confused with old iPhone buyback programs like Wal-mart, Best Buy and other websites where you can trade-in or sell old iPhones.

With the Apple’s Trade-in Program, you will only get credit toward the purchase of a newer iPhone model; let’s say the new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5C which should be release sometimes in September.

apple old iPhone trade in program

What will Apple do with your old iPhone?

Rumor has it that they will repair the smartphones and sell them to the third world,  developing market and smaller countries like Brazil, the Philippines etc.

How Much Can you Expect to Get from Apple’s Trade-in Program for Your Old iPhone?

A post by 9to5Mac suggested that you will get $250 and $280 for your old iPhone of 16GB or more. Remember, this will be giving as credits toward a new iPhone, not cold cash. You do have other alternative, however, that may be more lucrative. For example, you can sell your old iPhone in good condition at Gazelle for $320+ for a 16GB iPhone.

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