Apple to Release 6 New Products – Radio, iPhone Mini, iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, iOS 7 and iTv

Apple already dominates the smartphone, mobile and tablet market with their high end gadgets and effective marketing. Every year companies come out with products that are supposed to be the iPhone killer, the iPad killer and so one. Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices saw only a handful of serious competitions in 2012. Samsung gave Apple a little run with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 to compete with the iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPhone 5S/6.

Apple’s must recent competition and the most promising competitor for 2013 iPhone gadget is an android smartphone named

YotaPhone (Yota Phone) produced and presented at CES2013 by the Russian compay Yota Devices (won CES2013 best smartphone device) YotaPhone is the first of its kind. The first dual-screen Android smartphone where the user can operate the device on both site of the screens and they are interlinked (see YotaPhone in Action).


Despise stiff competition in 2012, Apple is geared up to dominate once again the smartphone, mobile and tablet in 2013. Below are 5 new products Apple are releasing in 2013 that will keep competitors at bay.

1. Apple Radio (iRadio)

Apple Radio is set to be release March 2013. The official name is Apple iRadio just like other Apple products like the iPhone, iHome, iPad etc. This is a free radio service like Pandora, Spotify with fewer limitations and will be ad supported.

2. iPad-Mini with Retina Display

The first generation iPad-mini will get an update with Retina Display and will also be launched in March.

3. Apple iOS 7

We can bet Apple will fix the embarrassing Apple Maps with the new release of iOS 7. iOS 6 with Apple Maps was so embarrassing to the company,
Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO)  was forced to apologize publicly for the bugs of Apple Maps and recommended their most hated competitor and way better Google Maps App (See Apple Maps vs Google Maps) and was pressured to fire the maps manager a month later.

4. iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

The rumor machine is in full force in support of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and the people at
iPhone 5S release are pumping it up big time. Rumors are Apple will release the iPhone 5S in Multiple colors, improved camera and battery life, integrated with Mac OS X, projected keyboard, NFC capability and LGZO panels this June or September of 2013. There are even rumor that Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone called the iPhone Mini to be released with iOS 7 in June.

5. AppleTv (Apple Television = iTv)

Rumors are Apple is releasing the actual television NOT just the AppleTv. Apple Television dubbed “iTV” is rumored to measure between 42 and/or 55 inches in size and will cost buyers between $1,500 and $2,000 in stores. They may have specials for online stores but we not yet know.
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  • aussiejim

    the only reason google maps is better than apple maps is street view I used it for that
    otherwise apple maps I find clearer and easier to see and seem to work equally well while being kind to the battery

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    hi there yeah itv