Apple is Working Hard to Acquire Waze Maps for iPad, iPhone, iOS

The rumors of the impending acquisition are reaching out from every corner of the world, from the Americas to the far reaches of Australia. The headquarters of Waze are located in Palo Alto, in the United States. Waze is an Israeli app for mapping traffic and the headquarters are located on Hamilton Avenue and is slated for a negotiation with Apple for its acquisition.

According to Mike Butcher editor of tech crunch in Europe, the people at apple are sniffing around the company. This is even after Waze was selected to be a data partner for the maps app at Apple and the actual apple maps failed in the market. Surprisingly, Waze managed to have a strong foothold in the business.

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Rumors are that the call in favor has not been returned, neither is the number of employees at Waze been calculated. Apple personnel refused to comment on the impending situation when questioned by tech crunch.

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Maps are a rare commodity in iPhone 5. The Apple Maps app was shelved after it had reported a lot of bugs and had received widespread criticism. It was ever since that the company was looking to buy foursquare. Their attention was diverted to the widening attention that Waze was receiving through Asia and Middle East. This got Apple interested in the present market situation. However if Apple is to truly purchase Waze, then the employees at Palo Alto need to be decided upon.

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