Apple iPhone 5C Cases and 5S Covers: The Top 6

iPhone 5s cases
With every new launch of iPhone series, you can bet there is going to be an onslaught of new cases hitting the shelves. There is a huge market for smartphone cases with fair estimation putting it into billions. There are tens of top iPhone 5S cases to choose from but not all of them meet the expected standards. If you are looking for the best iPhone 5C cases, there are several in the market that will make your head turn.

Apple iPhone 5C Cases

iPhone 5c cases

Depending on your tastes, the official Apple iPhone 5C covers are something to reckon with. It is not every user who would wish to cover the yellow makeup of their phones. These silicon-made cases come in six different colors. They have a nice firm grip but it does not offer the best protection against heavy falls. However, it gives your phone adequate protection against crapes and chars.

Moshi iGlaze Remix Case

If you are looking for a simple but yet sleek iPhone 5C covers, then this is the one to go for. It comes with superb shock absorption capabilities that are an inch ahead of the rest. This unique design allows for easy access to the buttons, ports and other important appliances. It can also match with cool outfits and you can pick the color that best suits your style. Another major advantage is the weight. It is quite slick and very lightweight.

moshi iglaze remix case iPhone 5c

Luvvitt Clearview

This is amongst the top iPhone 5C cases. If you have a Smartphone, you should be able to see it whenever you feel like. This latest endeavor is supposed to provide that solution; giving you a clear view of your phone from whatever angle. It comes with a sleek scratch resistant coating that is adequately padded for shock resistance and scratches that characterize normal usage. The case is slim fit and it comes with high tech features to protect it from dust and dirt. You can still access the phone applications and ports with ease. It is quite flowery and is a great improvement in most of the cases available in the market today.

luvvitt clearview slim iPhone 5c case

Official iPhone 5S Cases

This should be the best iPhone 5S case in the market. Although a section of the users has complained about some of its features, it is a fairly sleek case that portrays class and style. It is made of leather and it fits the phone perfectly. It comes with a variety of colors and is very lightweight. It may be a bit expensive but it is fair to conclude that it is worth every dollar.

Pipette Ostrich Leather Wallet Flip Case

This is amongst the top iPhone 5S cases in the market. This piece of jewel portrays elegance and luxury. It is made from Italian leather and is waterproof. It has a soft and sleek interior lining and comes with an additional slot for carrying business cards. It comes in 5 elegant colors.

pipette ostrich leather wallet flip case iPhone 5s

Snugg iPhone 5S Leather Case

This leather case combines elegance and functionality. If you are looking for the best iPhone 5S Covers that will offer full protection and unmatched versatility, then this is the pouch to go for. It is made of leather and has an internal elastic strap that aids in fast retrieval of your phone.

Snugg iPhone 5S Leather Case


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