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Top 10 iOS 7 Tricks and Tips Every iPhone User Needs to Know

Top 10 iOS 7 tricks – the latest update of the popular iOS for the iPhone and iPad have many features that you will love. Some of them are publicized by Apple but most of them have been discovered by users to share it with the world. We have compiled a list of top ten iOS 7 tricks and tips that you should be using in your everyday life to make your iPhone even more useful.

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iPad Air Review: Specs, Price, Screens, Camera

Apple iPad Air Review – as you can probably guess from its name, Apple has decided to go thinner and lighter with its newest tablet, the iPad Air. This model sheds about half a pound of weight from the previous version while still maintaining the 9.7 inch retina display that made the last models so popular and easy to use. We’ll get into more details on the some of the iPad Air specs in just a moment in this review, but we’ll first see how light this tablet will make your wallet.

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iOS 7 Jailbreak : How-to With One-Click! Step-by-Step Instructions

jailbreaking ios 7
iOS 7 Jailbreak – for those of you who have been thinking about exploring the true power of your Apple product or iDevice, or you have been still lingering on iOS 6 to save you jailbreak, well then there is a good news for all of you out there. Evasion has launched their official One-click iOS 7 jailbreak software with which all you folks out there can enjoy the true nature of your device; though Apple may be a just a luxury product, but without jailbreak it may not be fun for many of you out there. Here are the instructions to jailbreak your Apple device running iOS7; this is valid for iPod, iPad, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S (technically all devices using iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4).

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Jailbreak for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C – Separating Facts From Rumors

iPhone is without a doubt one of the most popular Smartphones in the world today and every years the latest update of this phone from Apple sets new world records for pre-orders and sales. Advanced users lament the limits that Apple has imposed on this phone and often perform a process called jailbreak on their iPhones to remove many of these limitations.

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Apple iPhone 5C Cases and 5S Covers: The Top 6

iPhone 5s cases
With every new launch of iPhone series, you can bet there is going to be an onslaught of new cases hitting the shelves. There is a huge market for smartphone cases with fair estimation putting it into billions. There are tens of top iPhone 5S cases to choose from but not all of them meet the expected standards. If you are looking for the best iPhone 5C cases, there are several in the market that will make your head turn.

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Apple iPad Air Vs Amazon Kindle Fire HDX – Has iPad Air Found A Match?

ipad air vs kindle fire hdx
The Apple iPad Air has been the most selling tablet of the season and has easily outclasses any Android tablet that has been launched so far this year. However, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is giving the iPad tough competition and offers many features that are at par or better than the iPad Air. At $379, the Kindle Fire HDX is considerably cheaper than the iPad air which retails at $499 and has been successful in stealing a lot of customers from Apple’s latest innovation.

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The Best iPad Screen Repair Services Are Hard To Find! But We Know One

ipad screen repair services
The iPad is one of the most popular electronic gadgets these days, and for good reason. Not only is it stylish, it also packs a lot of power in its strong and lightweight frame.  The only problem with the iPad is that there are a million possible ways you can break it. Fortunately there are plenty of third party companies out there who provide repair services for iPads and other similar devices, but which of them can you actually trust?

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Gold iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display Release Date Near!

iPad Mini was launched almost one year ago. Its launch was met with assured enthusiasm as people raided stores at least to secure themselves a piece. There is no doubt that most of the users were thrilled beyond expectation but now, with competition stiffening and also with the initial eagerness is waning off, the fans are yearning for more. Apple has responded to the customer’s thirst for the next level technology by giving major hints that indeed Gold iPad Mini 2 is on its way.

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How To Upgrade From iOS 6 To iOS 7 Over The Air And Via iTunes

upgrade to iOS 7
There are several reasons that drive the need to upgrade iOS 6 to iOS 7. One of the top reasons is that it is the largest overhaul to have been carried out on the iOS ever since iPhone was introduced into the market by Apple Inc. All the previous versions of iPhones never had much in terms of changes in their features. However, iOS 7 ensures that there is a complete departure from what you are accustomed to and the latest version.

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