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Top 10 iOS 7 Tricks and Tips Every iPhone User Needs to Know

Top 10 iOS 7 tricks – the latest update of the popular iOS for the iPhone and iPad have many features that you will love. Some of them are publicized by Apple but most of them have been discovered by users to share it with the world. We have compiled a list of top ten iOS 7 tricks and tips that you should be using in your everyday life to make your iPhone even more useful.

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Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 6 – Get on Samsung Bandwagon or Wait On Apple?

Samsung galaxy note 3 vs apple iPhone 6
The battle of iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Note 3 over the past few months had been quite the blast. Users of both phones were elbow-to-elbow as both phones proved their worth in terms of technology, design, specifications, and display. However, with the release of the new Apple iPhone 6, the war will get even deadlier. In the battle between iPhone 6vs. Galaxy Note 3, the flagship was Galaxy Note 3, but it is worth mentioning that the Note 3 will only face a tough competition until the release of GS 5, which will be soon into 2014.

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Apple iPhone 5C Cases and 5S Covers: The Top 6

iPhone 5s cases
With every new launch of iPhone series, you can bet there is going to be an onslaught of new cases hitting the shelves. There is a huge market for smartphone cases with fair estimation putting it into billions. There are tens of top iPhone 5S cases to choose from but not all of them meet the expected standards. If you are looking for the best iPhone 5C cases, there are several in the market that will make your head turn.

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OFFICIAL: Gold iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Release – Prices, Specs, Release Date

Gold iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Release – Prices, Specs, Release Date: We have waited months for this now it’s here. Apple releases iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C this morning and everything is good again for Apple. The New iPhone 5S is the flagship for the US, CA and Europe and iPhone 5C will hit the Asian and Latin American market. Apple did keep the ‘S’ pattern with the iPhone. Many people anticipated Apple would release a newly redesigned iPhone 6. I was not surprised but many analysts vented that Apple dropped the ball by not doing so.

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Pictures Leaked – New iPad Mini 2 Cases

Pictures leaked – new iPad Mini 2 cases have appeared online proving that the new Apple gadget is getting ready to launch. The leaked photo shows an iPad Mini 2 aluminium shell case back and front panels. Of course, the iPad Mini 2 case was leaked by the one and only Sonny Dickson who has a history of Apple product leaks. Sonny leaks are very credible because he has access to tipsters working for Apple’s Chinese production companies.

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Leaked Gold iPhone 5S Video: Gold Case, Larger Battery and Faster Chip

Will it matter if you have a gold iPhone, a black iPhone or a white iPhone giving that you will put your iPhone in a case? It seems to matter for a lot of people because this is the hottest news in the smartphone sphere right now. Apple is rumored to be working and should be release soon a new Gold iPhone 5s. We don’t exactly sure what the gold iPhone will look like yet.

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Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales?

Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales? An analyst certainly seems to think so. UBS analyst Steve Milunovich believes that the iPhone Light, also known as the iPhone M would capture about 53% of the iPhone market. The iPhone Light will replace the iPhone 4/4S, which has a 55% share presently, because of the older components that are cheap. With the Light the company seeks to fill that void with a new Phone and the same pricing, and Apple will be able to sell 92 million units in the fiscal year 2014.

Because of the fact that the iPhone Light has a lower gross margin than the 4/4S models, Apple certainly hopes to add new customers to its already rising breed of followers with the iPhone M, by pricing it aggressively and competitively. This step is not new from Apple.

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Users Can Upgrade iPhone Every 12 Months (1 Year) With New AT&T Plan

att next iphone plan
The latest AT&T plan will give its users an option to upgrade their handset (including iPhone) each year. Known as AT&T Next, this option will allow the consumers to exchange their tablet of smartphone with a brand new device each year at no extra cost. As a matter of fact AT&T would work in the same manner as the plan introduced by T-Mobile that allows users to pay via monthly installments.

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iPhone 5S Release Date: Photos of the New Low-Cost iPhone Leaked (VIDEO)

iPhone 5s Release Date

As the release date of iPhone 5S is approaching closer, more and more attention is being given to Low-cost iPhone version. In fact a tech blog named TechDy managed to get its hand on this new cheap version iPhone. You can see on the video below:

We tried to get in contact with TechDy to find out how they managed to get their hands on this low-cost iPhone, and we are still waiting for their response. However, what they have found out will definitely fetch the interests of all the tech enthusiasts out there.

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Want a Colorful iPhone? You Don’t Have to Wait For iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s Release Date

According to some new rumors Apple would provide users with color options in iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, but those individuals who do not want to wait until Apple provides color options like iPod touch can go for other options. However, you don’t have to wait if you want a color iPhone now. Anyone can get iPhone 5 with customized color for 250 to 280 dollars that includes the glass sections, back, home button & SIM card tray.

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