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Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 6 – Get on Samsung Bandwagon or Wait On Apple?

Samsung galaxy note 3 vs apple iPhone 6
The battle of iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Note 3 over the past few months had been quite the blast. Users of both phones were elbow-to-elbow as both phones proved their worth in terms of technology, design, specifications, and display. However, with the release of the new Apple iPhone 6, the war will get even deadlier. In the battle between iPhone 6vs. Galaxy Note 3, the flagship was Galaxy Note 3, but it is worth mentioning that the Note 3 will only face a tough competition until the release of GS 5, which will be soon into 2014.

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ToneMe Reviews Scams On Their Unlocked Samsung iPhones

My friend told me about this site that was only selling wholesale distribution unlocked phones to countries like from India to Russia, and that its so big there that people in those countries have an average of 2-4 phones a piece. It’s a status symbol or something.

So I guess a few years back launched there public site and its pretty slick. I purchased a 64Gb iPhone 4s for $399, and paid the extra $5 for the next day air! I literally ordered it Wednesday evening and got it Friday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting it arrive till after the weekend.

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iPhone 6 Release Date? Apple Sends Out Event Invitation for October 15!

There has been much hype about iphone 5s since its release on September 20, 2013. Most of the customers have yet to buy this latest release by Apple. However, even before the news about this phone was made public, there has been much talks about iPhone 6. It is the recent promotion that is whetting the desire of customers and most of them are seen discussing the same question over and over, when is the iPhone 6 coming out?

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iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4: Which Smartphone Would You Purchase?

Advances in mobile technology have actually gone through different levels already. Such levels of improvement and development have amazed the world and such amazement is the reason why many of these mobile innovations are called smartphones. These kinds of devices are used for different ways to communicate like calling someone around the world. And of the many smartphones around, the iPhone 5S from Apple and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 have captured the interest of millions of people from all around the world.

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Gold Lightning Cable for Gold iPhone 5S Released!

Want a gold lightning cable to match that gold iPhone 5S? Well, you’re in luck. Just days after Apple announced the release of the Gold iPhone 5S an accessories company named Juicies released a brand new designed prototype of Gold Lightning cable for Gold iPhone 5S. The company specializes in creating dock connectors and a variety of cables for all types of mobile devices including Apple’s iPhones, iPads, Samsung’s Galaxy ‘S’ lines.

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6 Hidden iOS 7 Features for iPhone not Getting Much Attentions

We are less than two days away from the release of iOS 7 to customers and developers. We’re excited and worry at the same time. The excitement has to do with getting something new; a new toys. Everyone likes a new toys. But there are also worries that the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch may not be what we expect it to be. iOS users hold Apple to a different standard because they were the first to make smartphone mainstream with their iPhone brand. However, over the summer Samsung up their competition making it even harder for Apple to deliver mediocre.

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When is the Phone 6, 5S, 5C, iPad 5, iPad Mini Coming Out?

apple logo
That’s the question everyone is asking; when is the iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, iPad 5, iPad Mini coming out? Well, your question has being answered. Apple is set to announced and release the iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, iPad Min and iPad 5 September 10. That just less than 5 days from now!

This is the first time in Apple’s history they will launch more than one iPhones. Also, Apple is geared to take iOS 7 out of beta version and release the full iOS version to the general public. You can download iOS 7 and install on this site.

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iPhone 6 New Features, Specs and Prices – A Look as Release Date Near

iPhone 6 concept photos
The iPhone 6 release date is just around the corner. So we’re compelled to take a new look at the iPhone 6 new features. In a few days (6 days to be exact) Apple is expected to release 2-3 iPhone, iOS 7 and 2 tablets. The iPhones Apple is expected to release are: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5C aka iPhone Light and the iPads are iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. The event the devices will be unveiled is scheduled for Tuesday September 10, 2013. iPhone 6 new features are very impressive to see.

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iOS 7 Release Date to General Public is Set for September 10

An email sent to Apple’s fame developer Owen Williams revealed that Apple is finalizing iOS 7 and it will be released to the general public during Apple’s developer’s event September 10th. The email was sent by Nuance – a company Apple often use to make press releases. Nuance claimed the news is real because they are responsible for all Apple’s official announcements.

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Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales?

Will iPhone Light and iPhone 5C Outperform iPhone 5s and 6 in Sales? An analyst certainly seems to think so. UBS analyst Steve Milunovich believes that the iPhone Light, also known as the iPhone M would capture about 53% of the iPhone market. The iPhone Light will replace the iPhone 4/4S, which has a 55% share presently, because of the older components that are cheap. With the Light the company seeks to fill that void with a new Phone and the same pricing, and Apple will be able to sell 92 million units in the fiscal year 2014.

Because of the fact that the iPhone Light has a lower gross margin than the 4/4S models, Apple certainly hopes to add new customers to its already rising breed of followers with the iPhone M, by pricing it aggressively and competitively. This step is not new from Apple.

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