6 Hidden iOS 7 Features for iPhone not Getting Much Attentions

We are less than two days away from the release of iOS 7 to customers and developers. We’re excited and worry at the same time. The excitement has to do with getting something new; a new toys. Everyone likes a new toys. But there are also worries that the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch may not be what we expect it to be. iOS users hold Apple to a different standard because they were the first to make smartphone mainstream with their iPhone brand. However, over the summer Samsung up their competition making it even harder for Apple to deliver mediocre.

iOS 7 Features

The newly redesigned operating system dubbed iOS 7 feature wise is all what we’re been waiting for and more. Brand new redesigned interface coupled with features like AirDrop, updated Notification Center, photos, multi-tasking and a long list of new and updated features make iOS 7 competitive and iOS 7 should be the most downloaded iOS of all Apple’s iOS software.

hidden iOS 7 features

Hidden / Overlooked Features of iOS 7

Most of the iOS 7 features the most savvy users already know about. But, what about the

hidden iOS 7 features? Below are 6 hidden iOS 7 features for iPhone not getting much attentions:

1. Ad Tracking Restrictions

Most companies rely on customers information to delivery ads and target customers with their products. Wonder why you’re getting so much advertising or SPAMS in your email inbox and even advertisement text in your iPhone? well, that has to do with companies tracking what you’re doing online, what you’re buying and what your searching for online. When you visit their website on your mobile phone they track your activities and display ads based on your online behavior.

Limit ad tracking is one of the hidden/overlooked features of iOS 7. From Settings > Privacy > Advertising. By resetting your ‘Advertising Identifier’ you can limit advertisers ability to serve you ads based on your online behavior. I would recommend everyone use this feature to enhance your privacy.

iOS 7 features how to limit ad tracking

2. Safari Do Not Track Feature

Yet another hidden/overlooked iOS 7 privacy features. This feature essentially allows you to browser the Internet privately. It forces websites and advertising agencies not to track your online activities to deliver ads to you. This iOS 7 feature can be set by tapping on Settings > Safari > and follow instruction under Privacy & Security. 

safari do not track for iPhone

3. FaceTime, Message and Number Blocking

This feature does what it says. It allows iPhone users to block incoming iMessages, incoming FaceTime requests and block any numbers from reaching or calling your iPhone. This is a great new iOS 7 feature that was lacking in iOS 6 and previous iOS versions. Kudos for Apple on that one.

how to block numbers messages and facetime iPhone

4. Popular Apps Near Me

iOS 7 apps near me feature

apps near me iOS 7 feature

5. Folders in Folders

In iOS 6 you can only create folders but not sub-folders. With the new iOS 7, you can now create folders inside of a folder. All you have to do is hold down an app inside of the folder for a few seconds. When all apps start shaking, drag an app and drop on top of another app and a folder will be created inside of that folder!

how to create folders inside of folders on iPhone 5s and 6

6. Preset Maps Directions for Walking and Driving

iOS 6 didn’t give users the option to switch directions from driving to walking when Apple Maps was in motion. iOS 7, however, all the ability for that switch instantly.

Have any hidden/overlooked iOS 7 features you would like to share with the community? Comment about them below.

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